Grants for Students

Below are the forms to use when submitting an application for a grant on behalf of a student. If you have a request for a group, for example 10 children who need summer camp as part of their summer programming, please use the GROUP Request Form. If your grant application is approved, this form will initiate a payment directly to the camp or organization on behalf of the students listed. Be sure to include the students' first and last names as well as their current grade.

If you have a request for just one student to take an exam or music lessons for example, please use the INDIVIDUAL Request Form. If your grant application is approved, this form will initiate a payment to the organization on behalf of the one student listed. If online payment is required, please fill in the section with the login credentials necessary to make a direct payment. Login credentials will be kept strictly confidential.


Given the extensive amount of information needed to register a student through EDUCERE, we have an application that was designed specifically for EDUCERE course requests. Please use the EDUCERE form for each student course request. The EDUCERE courses are quite demanding in many instances, so we recommend a tutor assist students with the course. If the student has a tutor in place, please provide that information in the Tutor section. If a student needs a tutor, please indicate that in Tutor section or in the Additional Information comment box at the conclusion of the application. We allow a student to take only one EDUCERE course at a time. If a student needs multiple EDUCERE courses, s/he will need to complete one at a time. Upon successful completion of the first course, please submit a new request for the next course.


As the World Language Trips cost upwards of $2,000, PCF requires specific documentation and information in order to review these requests. There is a unique application for any World Language Trip that will guide you through the requirements. As the Requestor, you will need to gather the information prior to submitting the request. You will be asked to upload documentation as well. If you have any difficulty with this grant request application, please email us with questions at