Seated:  Dafna Kendal, Lenora Keel, Maria Maldacena.   Standing:  Vikki Caines, Shazia Manekia, Debbie Bronfeld, Tara Sikma, Ann Kovalick, Felicia Spitz

Seated: Dafna Kendal, Lenora Keel, Maria Maldacena.
Standing: Vikki Caines, Shazia Manekia, Debbie Bronfeld, Tara Sikma, Ann Kovalick, Felicia Spitz

Our Team

We are all working to close the opportunity gap and open doors to college and career achievement - one student at a time. As volunteer Trustees, we are each doing our part to ensure every child is able to realize his or her full potential. 


Dafna Kendal

In her role as Interim President, Dafna works to advocate and create awareness for Princeton Children's Fund, Inc. within the Princeton Public Schools and the community at large. Her focus is working with vendors to negotiate pricing for some of the goods and services needed by our student beneficiaries.  

Debbie Bronfeld

With her wealth of accounting and operations background, Debbie serves as Vice President of Fundraising for Princeton Children's Fund. She works diligently to build awareness for Princeton Children's Fund in our community as well as identify donors who would like to support our programming. 

Felicia A. Spitz

As Vice President of Student Services, Felicia works with schools to identify the programming needs of our students. She is assisted by educators and administrators at each school who help identify individual talents and interests of our students. She also works with businesses and organizations in Princeton who provide services and programming for our students. 

Maria Maldacena

Maria, a dual-language speaker, serves as the Treasurer for Princeton Children's Fund. She works with Debbie to balance the incoming donations and outgoing expenses for our student beneficiaries. She also defines the scope of our program services given our financial status throughout the school year. 

Jessica Vieira

In her role as Secretary, Jessica works to ensure the administrative infrastructure supports the efforts of everyone on the team as well as PCF, the organization. As a dual language speaker with years of financial expertise, Jessica is also able to work with our students and families to navigate the complex and often overwhelming paperwork requirements they face. 

Ginny Bryant

As Trustee for Princeton Children's Fund, Ginny spearheads our community drives. At times, Princeton Children's Fund needs gently-used items from the community and Ginny works to ensure that we find what our students need. 

Vikki Caines

In addition to her role as Trustee with Princeton Children's Fund, Vikki works at the Princeton Recreation Department (PRD) and is a tremendous asset with our summer programming.  She understands the information requirements of PRD as well as how to incorporate the needs of each family and student into PRD programming making her expertise truly invaluable to our team. 

Lenora B. Keel, MSW, LCSW

Lenora brings a wealth of social work experience to Princeton Children's Fund in her role as Trustee. She works at Princeton High School in the role of Social Worker & Coordinator of Student and Family Services and spends her days helping students and families navigate the complex systems underlying successful completion of high school and transition to college or career.

Ann Kovalick

With her marketing and strategic development experience, Ann is an integral force as Trustee of Princeton Children's Fund. She researches social and economic trends that will impact our community and provides a means to address these issues through our outreach efforts and communications. 

Shazia Manekia

As Trustee for Princeton Children's Fund, Shazia coordinates primarily with Princeton High School where she serves as co-president of the PTO. Shazia is aware of all of the upcoming PHS events and is able to help Princeton Children's Fund stay ahead of the rapidly moving high school schedule.

Tara Sikma

In her role as Trustee for Princeton Children's Fund, Tara coordinates primarily with Community Park Elementary School where she serves as leader of the Parker Bear Fund through CP's PTO. Tara is working to develop a process for elementary schools that will streamline how they coordinate with Princeton Children's Fund.