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We aren't the only organization talking about the opportunity gap, difficulty in achieving the American Dream in the 21st century, and the hardships that face less-financially fortunate families and students today. Here are some articles that we found particularly interesting:

The Subtle Ways Colleges Discriminate Against Poor Students

SEPTEMBER 12, 2018

The Families That Can't Afford Summer

Originally, JUNE 4, 2016

The Cost of Keeping Children Poor

APRIL 15, 2018

How to Level the College Playing Field

APRIL 7, 2018

Emily Becker Leads Swim Initiative for Princeton Kids

DECEMBER 20, 2017

Closing a Racial Divide, One Swim Lesson at a Time

AUGUST 27, 2017

How Universal College Admission Tests Help Low Income Students

JULY 14, 2017

How Prejudice Can Harm Your Health

JUNE 8, 2017

The Telltale Data That Can Identify College Students at Risk

JUNE 7, 2017

‘I Won’t Give Up’: How First-Generation Students See College

MAY 30, 2017

The Assault on Colleges - and The American Dream

MAY 25, 2017

To Raise Better Kids, Say No

MAY 17, 2017

What Should Teenagers’ Summer Plans Include? Adult Mentors

MAY 10, 2017

Shaming Children So Parents Will Pay

MAY 1, 2017

To Help Tackle Inequality, Remember the Advantages You've Had

APRIL 28, 2017

Lifting Kids to College

APRIL 27, 2017

How to Build Resilient Kids, Even After a Loss

APRIL 24, 2017

After-school Programs Make A Difference for Kids, Community, Group Says

APRIL 21, 2017

How Child Care Enriches Mothers, Especially the Sons They Raise

APRIL 20, 2017

How Poverty Changes the Brain

April 19, 2017

How I Learned to Take the SAT Like a Rich Kid

APRIL 10, 2017

New Mexico Outlaws School 'Lunch Shaming'

APRIL 7, 2017

Not Everyone Can Just Pull Themselves 'Up by the Bootstraps'

APRIL 4, 2017

How Family Income Predicts Children’s College Chances

Republished APRIL 3, 2017, originally published MAY 28, 2015

These Colleges Are Better Than Harvard at Making Poor Kids Rich

FEBRUARY 28, 2017

The Average Black Family Would Need 228 Years to Build the Wealth of a White Family Today

AUGUST 8, 2016