Grants for Children 

Below is the form to use when submitting an application for a grant on behalf of your child or children. If you have applied for Free- or Reduced-Price Lunch for the 2017-18 school year and have children who attend one of the Princeton Public Schools or Charter School you can submit a grant request to us. We also work with pre-K students who will be enrolled in one of the Princeton Public Schools. The FAMILY Request Form provides space for up to 6 children. If you have more than 6 children, please use the comments box at the end of the Request Form to include their information.

The Process

Some elementary schools in the district have scholarship funds that work similarly to PCF. We ask for school information so we can coordinate grants between PCF and those elementary schools. Once we receive your grant request, it will be reviewed within 3 business days. We will contact you directly if we have any additional questions during this review. If your grant application is approved, your request form will initiate a payment to the organization on your behalf. You will be notified with invoicing instructions for the provider.